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What I see when I see a student with ADHD

I have ADHD.
I was diagnosed at age 12. What happened is I got to middle school, and my life fell apart. It came on like a typhoon. Things seemed alright as I started, but I still remember that October when my family went to sixth-grade check-in.
My twin sister went first. The meeting lasted about four minutes. She and my parents left with smiles all around and talk of getting In N Out on the way home. Then it was my turn.
Every teacher I had stood in a circle. They seemed...different. One by one, they went around and told me that I was shit. Some were nicer than others, but everyone had the same message to convey:
Doesn't complete his homework all the way
Distracts others trying to learn
Unable to follow along in class
Not sure if he can keep up
I then heard my grades: C-, D+, C+, A in PE, C, and an F in Social Studies.
I don't remember being ashamed or embarrassed or anything. I remember being confused. I had gone to school every day and tried hard and thought I was doing what the teacher asked. Nope. Guess I wasn't.
Nobody had much advice for me. They just wanted me to know that I sucked. And that my parents should understand so. I don't know if my parents freaked out or punished me or what. But they weren't happy.
The last to go was my social studies teacher, Sven.
He asked me if I knew how to read.
I politely nodded my head.
But he wasn't sure. He talked about all the symptoms he had seen from me. To counter, I pulled a grad-level book on the Cold War off a shelf and read a page aloud while trying not to cry. People were even more confused.
Some estimate that a child with ADHD will receive 20,000 more negative comments before the age of 12 than a non-ADHD child will. I can't speak to that exactly, but I can say that this was not the only time I've had a room full of people upset with me for reasons I never saw coming. It doesn't get much easier.
Sven caught up to us as we walked to the car. He was cagey with his reasoning, but he told us that there might be something up with my brain. He recommended I get tested by a psychiatrist and see what she had to say. I've since come to my conclusions where he got such an idea.
The testing was fun. I've always liked tests. Didn't mention it, but they also thought I couldn't read in 2nd grade. Lol. That one went away after I took a standardized exam and scored in the 99th percentile of the nation in reading. I thought standardized tests were fun, you see.
I moved a bunch of colored balls into colored holes and tried to remember what color things were after 10 minutes and everything else you might expect. I didn't know what I was even doing, but I felt I could hang.
Three weeks later, I got my results. The only part I remember is that my psychiatrist noted that in her entire career, she had never met someone who scored higher on specific tasks and yet lower on others. My chart looked like OJ Simpson’s polygraph.
I could keep going, and in another article, I will. But this is how I got diagnosed. And the key to all of it was Sven. Everything makes perfect sense after the fact, but only when you realize that a single teacher served as the link that completes the narrative. I do not know where I am today without him.
I got lucky that this story takes place in 2003, and at a private school with teachers who genuinely cared about me. For reasons a lawyer in the comments needs to help me understand better, public school teachers seem loath to alert students of disabilities of any kind. This includes ADHD but also things like autism, dyslexia, and mood disorders. Things that seem apparent to me in a way that makes it seem impossible that no other teacher in the past 13 years hasn’t also picked up on them.
That means many students go through primary schooling while having no idea they have a problem at all. When I mention to a student they might have ADHD, they are first confused, but then some memories come back. The first is that someone, usually a sports or music coach, had once told them the same thing. The other is that they remember a lot of teachers saying weird stuff they didn't understand at the time. Stuff like, "You’re so talented. I just wish you could be better focused. Have you talked to anyone about why you could be having trouble?" To me, those sound like hints from a teacher who has been told by her bosses not to put the school at risk.
I am not a teacher. I'm a private consultant and can pretty much say whatever I want. I am also not a doctor - people would die - but I am a concerned adult who has taken courses in spotting learning disabilities. I'm also someone who will do absolutely anything to make sure his students have the best chance for success now and in the future. I'm also someone who asked both my ADHD-psychiatrist (hi!) and ADHD-therapist (hi!!!!!) if I had the right to tell students if I suspected something; they both went, Ya, dude. Totally.
So I try to be Sven. I try to pay attention to what my students do and say and provide feedback that can help them. I'd like to note what that feedback is here to make sure people don't miss it because my pieces go on for way too long.
If you are a high school student who suspects he or she has ADHD, your best course of action is to talk with your parents and look into being tested by a professional psychiatrist who specializes in the topic. These tests are expensive, and mental health insurance in America sucks balls. But this is the fastest, most straightforward route to getting the help you need.
Option two is to try and work with/through your public high school to get them to pay for it. This site has some good info. My guess is that this method will suck. Public schools don't have a lot of funding and will not want to spend it on you. That's not your problem. You will almost certainly need your parents to back you up on this one and sit through a lot of boring meetings. I assume a lot of people will tell you a lot of reasons why they can't help you. Your response every time should be some version of, "Sure. But I need help with this. And I'm not going to stop until I get the support I need. So what do I do from here?" Then you blankly stare at them and refuse to leave until they get you at least to the next step. I'm not sure how well this will work. If you do attempt or have attempted this method, please DM me or contact my Email with your experience. I want to know if this is even worth my student's time.
If you can not afford traditional testing or do not feel your parents would support such testing, your best option is to wait until the day you turn 18 and then register for a telehealth company specializing in ADHD. The one I use and recommend is They're neat. They do not take traditional insurance, but their rates are much lower than most doctors. They are cheap enough that I feel an average 18-year old who wants help could find a way to afford it on his or her own. The downside with these sites is the waiting times can be long. Took me like five months. Other such sites are popping up, and while I can't vouch for them, they all seem to offer a similar service.
Those paragraphs are what I want every student here to know. I'm much more comfortable having a trained doctor tell you what the deal is than I am trying to do it myself.
But I have to see something if I want to be Sven. The question then is, how do I see it? For spotting ADHD, it's shockingly simple. And I'll get to the real reason at the end. But for now, here is what I see when I see a student with ADHD.
The best way I can describe their lives is "endless chaos"
The chaos isn't always bad! Rarely it's fun chaos, but often it's just chaos chaos. This chaos exists in both physical and mental forms.
Physical: Their shit is such a mess. Everything. Most of the work we do is digital, so I see the Google Doc version of their mind. Folders make no sense. Things are labeled inaccurately or not at all. Schools get combined, or separated, or forgotten altogether. It is not a single type of error, but instead a collection of small mistakes and poor decisions that make the work impossible to corral. I have some kids that are messy or lazy, but this is different. It's like if the original folder system I built for them was an amoeba in a petri dish. Leave that dish out for a weekend and come back. The patterns will be remarkably similar to the organizational gore that they then try to utilize.
Mental: There's always a story. "I was late because my car has a flat tire, and the guy was late, so I had to take an Uber." "I didn't know my music essays were due a month early because the form only mentioned there being a recital." "My friend is mad at me, but it's only because she didn't tell me we were the first group presenting, so I spent more time preparing our project".
These stories make sense at first. But after a few weeks, they start to pile up. Then I become the one hearing a story about why they didn't do what I wanted, and I stop being so forgiving.
ADHD is a neurological disorder. Not a mental illness. It's closer to diabetes than it is bi-polar. "ADHD" is a fairly garbage name for the condition because A) it has a stigma, and B) it isn't even accurate. Both attention deficit and hyperactivity are symptoms of ADHD, but they are not the problem itself. It would be like calling clinical depression "low energy and excessive guilt disorder". ADHD is actually an issue involving improper dopamine regulation in the brain combined with under-activity of the brain's executive function component.
The executive function center is the part of your brain that is in charge of making sure all the other parts of your brain play nice and communicate. When the executive function center breaks down...those other parts don't. The result is a failure to plan or coordinate + a need for impulsive stimulation, thus resulting in endless chaos.
This is what I’ll ask you if you DM me, btw. Is your life endless chaos? Sometimes do you like the chaos? Sometimes do you get bored and create the chaos yourself just to see what might happen? But when that chaos stops being so fun, can you make it stop?
They're very, very intelligent
You've probably heard about the "gifted ADHD genius" thing before. I don't think it exists.
My theory has always been that the "gifted ADHD child" is a victim of survivorship bias.
The research states that ADHD has either no or a negative correlation with intelligence.
There is also a startling overlap with ADHD and incarceration.
This means that students who still manage to succeed despite their disorder tend to have advantages that keep them in the game. Namely that they're smart as hell. The other saving grace is that they come from secure support networks that prevent them from unraveling completely. I've heard from such students that their mom or dad works tirelessly to keep their life in order and to make sure they're getting things done. I do not think it is a coincidence that when ADHD students leave for college, things often fall apart.
The fact that there are ADHD kids that others know and still like makes some think ADHD isn't so bad or comes with natural cognitive advantages. Those same people do not become friends with the ADHD dumb kids who would disprove those perceptions. Do you remember that kid in elementary school who was his own worst enemy? He never had friends, and everyone was kind of afraid to even talk with him? He was kind of a bully but mostly just awful? He invited you to his house one time, but your mom wouldn’t let you go? That is my best guess of what a dumb kid with ADHD is like. It sounds cold writing it, but you know which kid I'm talking about right now. Where do you think that kid is today?
I end up with the smart ones—the ones with parents who care. And God damn are these kids smart. They're brilliant, and funny, and likable, and charming. They have something different about them that makes them undeniable. And it's not just me. I worry I play them up too much in my mind, but then I chat with a teacher or coach of theirs. It's always the same thing: Oh, she's brilliant. She can be so frustrating sometimes, tho.
They can be so frustrating sometimes, tho
The word is frustrating. Now bad. Not nasty. Not unlikeable. Frustrating.
I have some students I just don't like that much (no, not you). What tends to be the common theme with them is that they don't have much interest in my help and display a work ethic to match. On the other spectrum are the world beaters (totally you). These kids kick ass and not only follow my advice but often take that advice to the next level in ways that awe and inspire me.
And then there are the kids I think have ADHD. They don't do stuff all the time. They don't finish an essay, or they forget to spell check like I asked, or they write about something that has nothing to do with the outline we built the week before. That's not necessarily the frustrating part. You kids are 17; you make mistakes. Early on, I try to spot these mistakes and point them out. Even the students who don't like me seem to get my point after enough prodding and the problem goes away.
With these kids, the problem does not go away. Or if it does, another problem pops right back up to replace it. It makes me feel like there's nothing I can do. It would be easier if the student was just a brat. Then I could either become a brat myself or mentally check out because "hey man, your future”.
I need a name for kids I suspect have ADHD…"MaybeHD"?
Ya. That’s super funny. Say it out loud and try not to laugh.
But these MaybeHD kids do like me. And they do want to get into school. And they do feel bad when I get upset with them. I end up in long, drawn-out conversations with them about why this is important and why they need to make specific work a priority to get into the schools they want to go to. Then they nod meekly and head home. Then they come back next week, and it's the same story.
They are randomly awesome at the weirdest things
I love weird talents. Things that no one offers up immediately, but then you're chatting, and it comes up naturally. "Oh ya, I love animals! I raise baby pigs in my backyard!"
"You do?"
At some point, the MaybeHD kid read something or watched a Youtube video that he or she liked. Then they wanted to try it. Six months later, they're making 4k a month selling custom bathrobes on Etsy. There's rarely any logic.
"Do you like baths? Or making clothing?
"Not really. I just thought it looked fun, so I bought a sewing kit and started making things."
There is a noted link between ADHD and entrepreneurship. I see it with my MaybeHD students. They have an insatiable drive and passion for following up on curiosities that other students don't possess. Passion is the wrong word. They have obsessions with mastering concepts in a way that feels beyond their control. The obsession itself drives them to be great.
The literature on the subject is cloudy. But there exists a term in ADHD circles called "Hyperfocus". If you know what "flow" is, it's kind of like that. Only more intense and less controllable. I often see the remnants of past hyperfocuses in their stories. They used to run that pig farm. They used to sell bathrobes. They used to be really into getting good grades at school. But then one day, just as quickly as they picked the skill up, they dropped it. They can seldom tell me why.
Their priorities are completely out of whack
The downside of hyperfocus is that it can be so all-encompassing that other priorities fall by the wayside. One of my favorite students ever is named Elleway. We chatted in our first meeting, and I was instantly intrigued by her background. She said she had designed and prototyped a unit that would automatically roll under parked electric cars for hands-free charging. I hear a lot of impressive stuff in my job, and a lot of it ends up being not that impressive. But then Elleway showed me the prototype video she made back when she was a high school freshman and it blew my mind.
Can you do that? I sure as hell can't. She wasn't even an engineer. She calmly explained that she had partnered with several older male engineers who had helped turn her idea into reality. Then she had done all the promotional and marketing work herself. Then she got second out of 300 students at a young entrepreneur contest held at Columbia University. Shortly after, a tech CEO came up to her and asked if she would like to work with him to file a patent for the invention. She agreed and is now a trademark holder.
That was all in our first 10 minutes. She then went on to share the half dozen corporations she had worked for. And the three businesses she started. And the graphic design work she made for her website. She told me how she was a Nationally ranked fencer until she lost interest. She was now merely a Nationally ranked golfer.
Then I saw she had a 2.9 GPA and thus zero shot at getting into NYU like she hoped.
I did not initially think Elleway had ADHD. I thought she was a pathological liar. It seemed impossible to me that this same girl who had already taken a grip on the world was then unable to keep up her grades in math. That just isn’t how any -any- of my other ultra high-achieving students behave. Then Elleway showed me pictures of her casually hanging out with Andrew Yang. And then her LinkedIn With a lot of people who do not accept your request unless they want to. I had to figure out what the hell led to all this.
Elleway’s patent and ambition to work on it had taken up all her time. She was so singularly focused on doing what she cared about that the world behind her didn't seem to exist. She was hyperfocused on a goal, but once she reached it, she woke up to a reality that punished her for ignoring everything else.
That's the longing writer's version of the story. The more popular one is that she didn't give a shit about school, was warned repeatedly about the consequences, and ignored them. She got what she deserved. That’s the version the rest of the world had for her.
It goes back to frustrating. I've gotten kids into NYU that don't show a fifth the potential that Elleway did. Those kids went to all the camps their parents paid for and entered competitions with a tech doorbell or something lame, and they're just fine. But MaybeHD students are often world-beaters in ways that make them seem so special. They talk endlessly not just about what they're into but how they figured it all out and why it is all so important to them. I believe them, and I want to fight for them. So I give them as much assistance as I possibly can. But then they don't do the increasingly easy tasks I ask for them to complete. Then they suffer the consequences.
Elleway didn't get into NYU. She didn't get in much of anywhere. It eats me up inside, and I feel like I failed her. I don't know how many other people in my position would feel the same way. That's why I have to be Sven.
This is getting long, and I'm getting depressed. Here's the TL: DR of what I see when I see a student with ADHD
Me. I see me. And it can hurt really bad knowing what a condition like ADHD does to a young person's life.
My life is endless chaos. I've been out of food for nine days. My house looks like Badger from Breaking Bad bought a loft in Palo Alto. I am still writing this at 3:25 AM when I have to be up for work at nine. My cat has started doing this thing where she sleeps in her food bowl when it gets empty. It's equal parts adorable and humiliating.
I'm smart as shit. I know it. I made up half-ideas. That article is absolute fire. I got published on five times in 2011 when that meant something. I went to Tulane on a half-ride merit scholarship, used to win creative writing contests, and have done a bunch of other writery stuff that made people stand up and go, "Woah".
But I only made it to college because my mom carried me there, kicking and screaming. She packaged my life together, and I held on for the ride. Then I got to school and made it two months before she got an Email alerting her that Tulane was planning to revoke the remaining $70,000 of my $80,000 scholarship due to my grades. I barely scraped by and survived. But the shame and frustration in her voice when she read me that letter over the phone haunts me to this day.
I analyze handwriting. And I turned a Reddit account into a successful business in four months. And I collect college T-shirts from schools my students go to. And I own Bitcoin I bought in 2011 for $4.50 each. And I'm teaching myself piano with a video game. And I'm exercising with a video game. And I'm ranked 42nd in Northern California at Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And I’ve tried the nachos at over 100 Taquerias in the Bay Area. And I own a really cute cat.
But I've spent 15* hours this week writing this instead of a sequel to that Costco piece. I have one coming where I edit my Common App essay from 2009. It's a great idea and a great article. One that will drive significantly more business to my site than this piece will. Hell, I predict this piece is likely to lose me business because I come off like a mess in it. But it's what I want to write, so I feel like I have no choice.
*The 15 hours is a guess. I have no idea how long it takes me to write and edit these things. I start typing and X hours later look up and realize how hungry I am and how much I need to pee. The writing controls me.
I see myself in my MaybeHD students. I see their unfettered curiosity and flair for taking as much good from the world as possible. I see their infectious enthusiasm and ability to quickly forgive others because they know too well how it feels to want forgiveness themselves.
Yet I also see their inattention to detail, their weak excuses, and their general confusion that makes me realize they couldn't fix some problems if their lives depended on it. I see their sadness and shame when those mistakes pile up. I see when the chaos stops being fun, and they want out, but they don't know how. I don't know what I, as their consultant, can do. But as Sven, I can recommend they go talk to someone else...
Hey, so, I was considering hiring you and all...but you seem kind of bad. Why should I trust you?
Because a couple of years ago, I got back on my medication and turned my life around. You aren't reading this if I don't reach out for help and trust a trained psychiatrist to guide me. There are no groups of friends in Delaware or Connecticut comparing their half-ideas lists. There sure as shit isn't a
I still have ADHD. But one of the greatest things about ADHD is that it is -without rival- the most treatable form of mental illness or dysfunction known to man. It is not curable, but there are endless medical and non-medical options available for those willing to reach out and get the help they need. My story is that it was only by getting re-medicated that I then could learn and use coping mechanisms that allow me to achieve the type of life I've always wanted.
Christ, 4,400 words. You know, I'm also submitting this for a class I'm in. That's why all the backlinks are to actual sources instead of links herding you into my website. Hi Amy! That's one more thing. ADHD people are hyper-efficient...Kind of.
Alright. If you're still here reading this, you might be suspecting some things about yourself. My DMs are open if you want to chat, but again, I am not a doctor. I will say that right now, as you prepare to head to college, is a really good time to get this all figured out. College is a giant reset button on your life. Figure these problems out now so that by the time you head off for your next chapter, you will have given yourself the best possible chance to succeed.
Endless chaos.
Here is the bold part again:
If you are a student in high school who suspects he or she has ADHD, your best course of action is to talk with your parents and look into being tested by a professional psychiatrist who specializes in the topic. These tests are expensive, and mental health insurance in America (still) sucks balls. But this is the fastest, most straightforward route to getting the help you need.
Option two is to try and work with/through your public high school to get them to pay for it. This site has some good info. My guess is that this method will kind of suck. Public schools don't have a lot of funding and will not want to spend it on you. That's not your problem. You will almost certainly need your parents to back you up on this one and sit through a lot of boring meetings. I assume a lot of people will tell you a lot of reasons why they can't help you. Your response every time should be some version of, "Sure. But I need help with this. And I'm not going to stop until I get the support I need. So what do I do from here?" Then you blankly stare at them and refuse to leave until they get you at least to the next step. This will suck and I'm not sure how well it will work. If you do attempt or have attempted this method, please DM me or contact my Email with your experience. I want to know if this is even worth my student's time.
If you can not afford traditional testing, or if you do not feel your parents would support such testing, your best option is to wait until the day you turn 18 and then register for a telehealth company that specializes in ADHD. The one I use and recommend is They're neat. They do not take traditional insurance, but their rates are much lower than most doctors. They are cheap enough that I feel an average 18-year old who wants help could find a way to afford it on his or her own. The downside with these sites is the waiting times can be really long. Took me like five months. Other such sites are popping up, and while I can't vouch for them, they all seem to offer a similar service.
Update: The lines aren't that long anymore! Monday was Elleway's 18th birthday. She sent me a screengrab of her upcoming Ahead appointment in early September. She told me she spent the entire day crying because all her friends were going off to great schools and that she was stuck at home. I've told Elleway that I plan to help her reapply to NYU this year. I doubt I will ever want to see another student succeed as much as I will with her.
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DeFi is Cooling down, will launch hottest NFT Zone!

DeFi is Cooling down, will launch hottest NFT Zone!
With the left foot stepping on the right foot, the left hand plucking hair, while claiming “to the moon”, DeFi is cooling down?
“The first cup of milk tea in autumn” is for DeFi fans. Once a token was launched, the price plummeted. The financial events of the previous period gave people false hope that there would be another wave of bull market. On the contrary, joy becomes sorrow.
Many people ask, is there still going to be bull market?
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With the DeFi heat dissipation, NFT quietly becomes the next hottest topic.
In my opinion, DeFi is not the only area that can generate huge returns, and NFT is likely to be the next big event in the blockchain world.
What is NFT?
The full name of NFT is non fungible token, which is usually translated into non-homogenous token. It first appeared in 2017 and is mainly used in games, artworks, domain names, collectibles and other fields.
Let’s take a more popular example.
Have you ever been caught playing video games and beaten by your parents when you were a child?
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NFT is It is a kind of token which uses ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. Its biggest feature is that it has unique scarcity and can not be separated. At present, the existing landing scenes include artworks, collectibles, game props, bills and vouchers.
What is a NFT? First of all, we need to understand homogeneous token, which means the same kind of token that can be exchanged with each other.
For example, I have $100 BWB, which can be exchanged with $100 BWB in your hand. In essence, the token value of both parties is the same, and there is no difference. The only thing that changes is the transaction records on the chain.
NFT refers to the unique and irreplaceable digital assets, that is, each NFT is unique and provides different uses and values.
Further explanation, NFT can be a pair of silk stockings, a SSR card of Yinyangshi game, and a peripheral garage kit that others don’t care about, but you love very much.
Some old players in the circle must have heard of the encrypted cat on ETH, which is the earliest NFT token.
In a word, NFT can represent any asset, especially the extremely scarce one. In terms of “gold in chaotic times, antiques in prosperous times”, many people consider bitcoin as digital gold, and NFT can be understood as digital antique (digital collection).
After two years of development, NFT token and various ecological applications based on NFT token have gradually begun to mature.
With the crazy rise of MEME, many people have doubts, will NFT be the next opportunity after the fever of DeFi?
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BW, Bit World, Better World
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Default English word list

Alright so, I took the default database from there and with the help of html, I extracted the words to a list separated by commas. It's useful when you want to translate those words into your native language.
Word of advice, when using google translate, do not put all words at once there, it can rapidly worsen the translation.
(And there is a last thing. Their algorithm of picking only custom words is not working really good, at least for me. Meaning that I often get duplicates, despite having a list this big and without duplicates. I'm still trying to find some solution to this, so if somebody is experiencing this as well, share the knowledge please, I will do the same.)
SOLUTION: Thanks for the reply from PepegaWR who identified the cause. I also tested it and there seems to be a custom words limit of 5000 characters. The easiest way in my opinion is to shuffle the words before each session to minimize the impact. Also thanks to the flynger who had the same idea before me :)
Finally, here it is, enjoy the scribbling ^^ :

ABBA, AC/DC, Abraham Lincoln, Adidas, Africa, Aladdin, America, Amsterdam, Android, Angelina Jolie, Angry Birds, Antarctica, Anubis, Apple, Argentina, Asia, Asterix, Atlantis, Audi, Australia, BMW, BMX, Bambi, Band-Aid, Barack Obama, Bart Simpson, Batman, Beethoven, Bible, Big Ben, Bill Gates, Bitcoin, Black Friday, Bomberman, Brazil, Bruce Lee, Bugs Bunny, Canada, Capricorn, Captain America, Cat Woman, Cerberus, Charlie Chaplin, Chewbacca, China, Chinatown, Christmas, Chrome, Chuck Norris, Colosseum, Cookie Monster, Crash Bandicoot, Creeper, Croatia, Cuba, Cupid, DNA, Daffy Duck, Darwin, Darwin Watterson, Deadpool, Dexter, Discord, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, Dora, Doritos, Dracula, Dumbo, Earth, Easter, Easter Bunny, Egypt, Eiffel tower, Einstein, Elmo, Elon Musk, Elsa, Eminem, England, Europe, Excalibur, Facebook, Family Guy, Fanta, Ferrari, Finn, Finn and Jake, Flash, Florida, France, Frankenstein, Fred Flintstone, Gandalf, Gandhi, Garfield, Germany, God, Goofy, Google, Great Wall, 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/r/slatestarcodex - "How would you Optimize your Life if you Woke up Back at 14, Knowing Everything you Knew Today?"

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Submission How would you Optimize your Life if you Woke up Back at 14, Knowing Everything you Knew Today?
Comments How would you Optimize your Life if you Woke up Back at 14, Knowing Everything you Knew Today?
Author Veqq
Subreddit /slatestarcodex
Posted On Wed Apr 01 02:07:58 UTC 2020
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I.e how could you better reach and change your current goals, network, learn, pick/avoid college, get a job/start a company etc. etc.
Would you start paraphrasing/rewriting interesting ideas, academic papers etc. asap? Post about future events to gain a forecaster reputation? Avoid some mistake with your first love? Start selling candy in school, then drop out at 16 to work at McDonald to invest in real estate, short the 2008 market, then invest in bitcoin? Then what?
What would your telos be?
Let's keep any boring gotchas out of the way:
1) A wizard did it, you can trust the dates of big events, time the 2008 crash (as accurately as you know the exact dates right now)
2) Everyone and everything else are the same at the start. You can avoid people who betrayed you the first time around, but as you influence your social circles, things will start changing. (Presumably not impacting major events)

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Author EternalAmbiguity
Posted On Wed Apr 01 21:25:51 UTC 2020
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mad respect to exjw's, I think you guys have it worse than we do (at least we're encouraged to go to college and our families are not told to shun us)
Yeah the more I think about this thought experiment the weirder it gets. You would have years of experiences and conversations and knowledge that you'd be completely unable to explain to anyone. It would be the effective death of your old life with no hope of getting it back. It's not like starting a new save on Skyrim if your skill leveling wasn't optimal the first time around, the most important thing in life, relationships with friends and family, are dynamically created together in ways that just can't be replicated authentically.
I'm a different person today than I was at 14. If I were to do a "new game+" I'd become a different person than I am now.
If the wizard were to throw me back there anyway, I'd probably:
  • study coding/math a lot harder in high school
  • party a lot more in high school
  • not go on an lds mission
  • realize you can't recreate things, and instead go to a different college just for the new experience
  • buy lots of bitcoin early, sell at the peak
  • fuck around and figure the rest out
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Author Extra_Negotiation
Posted On Wed Apr 01 05:32:01 UTC 2020
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yooooo exmormon, exjw over here!
Totally agree on the friends forged in the fires of hell, I have one good friend from that unholy experience. I also have one good frenemy (who decided to go way hard on the 'not a jw' route and just basically steal and lie and blame a whole lot of people - myself included).
I'd still take the frenemy to have the friend, but god-damn, I'd probably sit through all those meetings and all that crap all over again, I guess...
jeez, the things we value and what we're willing to go through!
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Author Veqq
Posted On Wed Apr 01 03:11:26 UTC 2020
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I wish I could of had more than this, but who am I kidding - I was being raise by people who think JW's are the cats meow.
What's your relationship with your family like? At risk of putting it really badly, I feel like my family are pets I have to take care of but can't really interact with - like a bitey turtle. I recently bought my mom a house and she's still not used to not paying rent. For the past few days she's been crying about money, scared that she won't be able to pay her bills on time... At the same time, I had to fight with her to not drop her whole paycheck on a boat. (The snow has melted, but we're in a damned quarantine!) She can't even prioritize rent before... a boat.
to use this prompt as a sort of generative system to make better choices in the next ~20 years of my life.
Same. I've been struggling with direction for a while. I really enjoyed working on this question when I thought about it (optimizing for money, for relationships, for influence etc.) but actually... I'm not sure what to optimize my life for , what criteria to use.
Eliminating all evil (a la Harry Potter and his rational instruments or... My favorite character in Unsong was Mr. Ziggarat, so...) seems a bit too difficult.
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Author Extra_Negotiation
Posted On Wed Apr 01 02:46:30 UTC 2020
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To keep it simple, and not make for some kind of God-mode version of myself here (which is too easy, just on crypto alone you could get any material desire, with the right timing):
  • I spent too much time trying to impress/fit in with groups of people who ultimately more or less rejected me, or who I grew bored with. When I was this age, I had met a few people who still had all their high school friends, who were in their late 20's - and I thought that was *what the cool/popular* people were able to do. I have acquaintances who still have this, and it does make me jealous, but it's just not happening for me. It's not my life.
  • I wish I had tried harder in school - not in the teacher-pleaser way, but in the way that could have substantially saved me a great deal of trouble in my early 20s.
  • I wish I had left the cult I was in (exjw) quite a bit earlier, right off the bat ideally. This group really fucked with my mind, and I had to spend years deprogramming, unfucking, and rebuilding/discovering myself. I may never finish.
  • Somewhere along the way, perhaps earlier than 14, I learned this whole mental model of "you're good at x, you're so smart!" which made me want to rely on the things I picked up easily, rather than develop a strong work ethic "look at how hard you worked on this! how far you've come!". For any of you parents out there, please look into a growth mindset, and how to encourage your kids to discover things for themselves (asking questions instead of telling! etc.). I wish I could of had more than this, but who am I kidding - I was being raise by people who think JW's are the cats meow.
  • I would have spent more time working on my body, and doing more disciplined exercises. I'm not in terrible shape now, but it's a huge hill to climb to the kind of fitness I see some of my friends pulling off (hiking big mountains and stuff). I wish I could do that stuff.
  • I would have taken more chances with girls and with things in general. I've always been super underconfident, and always *shocked faced* whenever an attractive, smart, driven woman wanted to spend time with me. I've been with my current partner for five years and I still feel like there must be some trick or misunderstanding - she's just way too beautiful and 'generally good human' for me.
  • There were a few times I wish I said no, full stop, but a lot more times I wish I made a request, or asked for more of the same.
  • I would have doubled down on computers - I was really good at it at 7,8,9,10 ish - then it wasn't cool, so I got into consoles and other crap, and never really full came back around. Even though I enjoyed it and have spent a significant amount of my life on machines, I've never really felt like I understood what was going on, never mind being in a position to contribute positively.
The reason I'm playing isn't to indulge in some fantasy (which is super fun and I encourage it), but rather to use this prompt as a sort of generative system to make better choices in the next ~20 years of my life.
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Ethereum's future is bright, the DApps are coming!

The DApps are coming, the DApps are coming!

Chin up boys and girls – the DApps (Decentralized Apps) are finally coming. Utility, not speculation/manipulation/shilling etc., is what, in the end, will give/justify the value of blockchains.
Of the top 100 tokens, 91 of them are on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The most valuable non-Ethereum tokens by market cap are USDT (4) and GAS (25). Eventually, ICX (6), VeChain (3) and EOS (1) and several others will be migrating to their own blockchains. Still, this leaves Ethereum with an overwhelming market dominance for tokens (aka DApps) and Ethereum has been clearly recognized as the blockchain to launch ICOs/DApps.
We have already seen several DApps successfully launch on mainnet including CrytptoKitties, Crypto Sportz, Edgeless, Etherbots, Ethercraft, Etheremon, Etheroll, ETHLend, Forkdelta (RIP Etherdelta), 0xBitcoin and Ethlance among others. Check out a whole list on DappRadar and track the progress of some lesser known, smaller projects on StateoftheDApps (Note: I cannot vouch for all of these DApps. There have been and always will be scammers in the crypto space. Please, always do your own research!)
For the rest of March + Q2 (April - June) we are going see the biggest implementation of DApps on the Ethereum mainnet to date. Below I’ve laid out, in alphabetical order and in varying detail, what’s happening between now and the end of Q2 of this year. (I’ve also added some info, where especially relevant, of big stuff coming after Q2). I hope any biases I may have do not come through too much in the writing.
To hammer home on utility once more: One year ago today, the daily transaction count was at 57,000. Yesterday, the network confirmed over 752,000 transactions (a 13x increase) (And remember, ATH in January was 1.349 million txns!) [Source]

On to the DApps:

This project can take a little time to understand, so here's a thorough ELIM5 walkthrough.
The 0x Protocol
Also, an informative article about some of the differences between the various decentralized exchange protocols here.
Some general Ethereum news to be excited about:
  • Vitalik recently hinted, in a since deleted tweet, that the sharding testnet will be coming online in the near future (I think Q2 isn’t too early a guess).
    • What is sharding? Sharding is where the entire state of the network is split into a bunch of partitions called shards that contain their own independent piece of state and transaction history. In this system, certain nodes would process transactions only for certain shards, allowing the throughput of transactions processed in total across all shards to be much higher than having a single shard do all the work as the mainchain does now. [Source]
  • Alpha Casper FFG testnet has been successfully running since Dec. 31, 2017.
    • What is Casper? Casper FFG aka Vitalik’s Casper is a hybrid POW/POS consensus mechanism. This is the version of Casper that is going to be implemented first. In a Proof of Stake system, validators stake a portion of their Ethers and start validating blocks. Meaning, when they discover a block which they think can be added to the chain, they will validate it by placing a bet on it. [Source]
(To stay up-to-date on Ethereum research development, check out
  • The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is March 8-10 in Paris. Talks will focus around “scalability, anonymity, development tools, governance compliance” among other topics.
    • Speakers include representatives from the Ethereum Foundation, Ledger, Metamask, Shapeshift, Oraclize, Uport, Web3Foundation, Melonport, ConsenSys, JP Morgan, Coinbase – Toshi, Parity, SpankChain, FunFair, Aragon, AirSwap, EEA, IExec, Cosmos, OmiseGO, Circle, Gnosis, among others.
    • UPDATE: EthCC was a resounding success! If you missed it or want to re-watch any of the talks, check out this handy thread of videos, painstakingly culled and timestamped by u/alsomahler.
  • The Ethereum Developer Conference (EDCON) is May 3-5 in Toronto. This will be the biggest ETH dev conference since DEVCON 3 last November. The agenda is still being worked out, but speakers include representatives from the Ethereum Foundation, Polkadot, Parity, Plasma, OmiseGO, Cosmos, Tendermint, Giveth, Maker, Gnosis, and many others.
  • The Enterprise Ethereum Foundation (EEF) just keeps growing and growing and growing.

More, because I just can’t stop:

  • MetaMask recently passed 1 million installs!
  • 5.6 billion requests per day for (Decentralized web3 infrastructure)
  • 280,000 downloads of TruffleSuit (ETH development framework)
  • ConsenSys has grown to over 600 employees in six major offices located around the world. I personally think ConsenSys is important (and awesome) because they are huge Ethereum evangelists and provide (in)valuable resources to help bring DApps come to life!
    • From their website: “The ConsenSys “hub” coordinates, incubates, accelerates and spawns “spoke” ventures through development, resource sharing, acquisitions, investments and the formation of joint ventures. These spokes benefit from foundational components built by ConsenSys that enable new services and business models to be built on the blockchain.”
    • Several of the projects I listed above are ConSensys formations including AirSwap and MetaMask.
Thanks for reading this far! Hopefully it wasn’t too exhausting of a read.
I am certain I have forgotten some DApps, so please feel free to comment/PM any and all suggestions/corrections to make this list more informative/inclusive/accurate and I will update it.
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IOTA: What are the project risks?

The IOTA project seems like a huge and potentially ground-breaking technology but it is quite evidently a huge undertaking. This should be apparent from the fact the idea has been discussed and developed for around 6 years now.
I just thought I would open a discussion about potential risks that the IOTA project faces and see whether people know how these risks have or could be mitigated:
  1. Competition
Right now there are numerous crypto projects that are working on similar technology. Yes, they all have their specifics but the question is, which one might obsolesce the other? Who will come out ahead? This will be a result of many factors such as budget, marketing and technical specifics such as scope, programming languages used and adoption from businesses and the wider community. As I see it, IOTA do have a solid base in that some large companies are adopting the technology and this will have a "top-down" effect where smaller entities will need to use their protocol to integrate with these businesses. On the other hand, could IOTA be as ubiquitous as hoped in the finance industry given that there are solutions already out there (such as Ripple) which are specifically targeting this market? Why would anyone be compelled to use an alternative solution if another has already gained a significant foothold - especially since each month spent developing leaves the other technology to solidify itself?
  1. Running out of funding
This item has been raised before in this forum but I wasn't sure if there was a definitive answer. This project would be requiring a huge sum of money to execute. As I understand, some (all?) of the participants are happy to be paid in IOTAs, but how long will this funding last? How many developers can they hire to execute on all the development that is required? Is it dependent on the IOTA price remaining at a certain USD price? And what is the plan if funding pool dries out?
  1. Time to market
As much as IOTA is an awe-inspiring vision of the future, it's not always the vision that plays out and it's not always the best solution that wins. This is often a factor of the right timing. It's great that IOTA have insisted that all products are not going to roll out "half baked" but how might this approach differ from projects which are pumping out live systems and letting people play with it? Sure there are issues, but at the same time they are found earlier in the game and it also serves the purpose of engaging and building a community. There have been many instances in the technology realm where the best technology didn't win - it was the one first to market and then added all the nice-to-haves later on. Could it be that there is already a standard in existence or is the market still fluid right now?
  1. Community buy-in
A lot of the popularity of Bitcoin came from the fact it was a "people's coin". It was open-source and therefore anyone could participate by building, experimenting and using the system. Later on, there was a real economic incentive to participate by mining coins. In addition, Bitcoin found its place on the dark-web which also accelerated its adoption and resulted in much publicity in mainstream media, driving people's curiosity and imagination.
On the other hand, IOTA is a much more centralized model - at least in terms of the building of the protocol specification. In my mind, this is probably the only way it could be done knowing the complete farce that the Bitcoin project turned into with forks and on-going infighting. That said, what is the compelling reason that everyday people will decide to use IOTA? My main answer to this is that it is fee-less, however there are similar projects who are open-source and "grass roots". Sure they don't have all the potential, but as I see it, community adoption is critical and the technology can always be expanded (see point #3 on time-to-market).
  1. Communication and marketing
The communication on the IOTA project seems to be done in a different fashion to other projects. It seems to involve a tight circle of discussion which is then re-posted on general forums such as Reddit and Twitter so the general community knows about it. Dom and David seem to be doing an amazing job speaking with large industry players, however. CfB is the technical guru and seems to be silencing the technical doubters (not always answering, but silencing ;).
The only concern for me is that information is currently hard to sift through. It seems that people are left to speculate about how the project is progressing and relies on a lot of faith that the project is going to plan. If an individual asks about a certain aspect of the project, most people will answer with a screenshot from a conversation and/or allude to some ad-hoc comment that was made somewhere on social media. Reading the sentiment from non-IOTA users, their first feedback is about the lack of transparency on what exactly is going on. Qubic, for example, is a great idea, but how much code has been written? Is there some sort of project timeline? When can I try it out? The amount of hype leading up to this announcement was great marketing IMO, however the effect has to be waning after similar build-ups of Data Marketplace ("Microsoft"), allusions to JINN being market-changing and so forth. It seems to be creating a shot of interest in the project, however what happens if the actual impact of all these developments from a global perspective are just that: hype?
This of course can cause uncertainty and a loss of adoption from regular users (see point #4 Community buy-in) - some people might be compelled to work on other cutting edge projects citing that the crypto industry is not short of people saying their coin is the best thing ever.
Of course, with many copy-cats around some of these secrecy is undoubtedly warranted, however I'm sure the quality of communication could improve without giving away any trade secrets. A general set of milestones and timelines (that could be revised) would surely improve the perception that people have about the project.
Feel free to add/comment - maybe it will inspire some unanswered questions for the next AMA ;)
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What is /r/SubredditSimulator?

What is this, and how does it work?

Inspired by this discussion in /modnews, this is a fully-automated subreddit that generates random submissions and comments using markov chains (see below for more info), with each bot account creating text based on comments from a different subreddit.
This subreddit is intended to be watched, not interacted with. Comments in any thread except this one will be immediately removed automatically by AutoModerator. Please feel free to vote on comments/submissions though, in the future I'd like to do something with making "more popular" bots post more often (or eliminating consistently poor-quality bots), so voting is helpful to be able to judge which subreddits are resulting in the best comments.
If you'd like to discuss anything about this subreddit, suggest new subreddit bots I should add, or link to particularly hilarious comments/submissions so other people don't miss it, please use /SubredditSimMeta.

How are the comments/submissions created?

The text for titles/comments/text-posts are generated using "markov chains", a random process that's "trained" from looking at real data. If you've ever used a keyboard on your phone that tries to predict which word you'll type next, those are often built using something similar.
Basically, you feed in a bunch of sentences, and even though it has no understanding of the meaning of the text, it picks up on patterns like "word A is often followed by word B". Then when you want to generate a new sentence, it "walks" its way through from the start of a sentence to the end of one, picking sequences of words that it knows are valid based on that initial analysis. So generally short sequences of words in the generated sentences will make sense, but often not the whole thing.
For a more detailed explanation with a walkthrough of generating something, see reostra's explanation here.

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New NA Games Discussion (2019/03/21)! Azure Saga: Pathfinder DELUXE Edition, (NEOGEO) Baseball Stars 2, Block-a-Pix Deluxe, Grand Prix Story, Reptilian Rebellion, Rogue Bit, StarDrone, Super Phantom Cat: Remake, and Witch & Hero release today!

The previous release(s): Assault On Metaltron, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!, and Super Kickers League and:
Blaster Master Zero 2 / $9.99 · Action, Adventure · 1 player
Mutant blasting action is back! Join Jason, Eve, and Fred on an intergalactic journey!
The side-scrolling/top-down hybrid action adventure gameplay returns with a brand new sequel to "Blaster Master Zero"!
Experience the yet-untold story of Jason and Eve after defeating Earth's mutant scourge as they venture into the depths of space in their new battle tank, "GAIA-SOPHIA"!
The story of Blaster Master Zero 2 begins a few months after the events of the first game (released on March 9, 2017), where the main protagonist Jason saves planet Earth from the mutants. Eve has been infected by mutant cells that are slowly corrupting her body, so together with Jason and Fred, they board G-SOPHIA and begin an intergalactic journey to Eve's home planet, Sophia, in hopes of finding a cure for the mutant infection.
A perfect blend of action-adventure through outer space and the signature Blaster Master gameplay creates a formula for a fun new experience.
Nuclear Throne / $13.99 · Arcade, Action, Adventure · Up to 2 players
Can you reach the Nuclear Throne?
The indie Super-hit from Vlambeer, finally on Nintendo Switch! Nuclear Throne is a post-apocalyptic roguelike-like top-down shooter. Not 'the final hope of humanity' post-apocalyptic, but 'humanity is extinct and mutants and monsters now roam the world' post-apocalyptic. Fight your way through the wastelands with powerful weaponry, collecting radiation to mutate some new limbs and abilities. All these things and more you could do if only you were good at this game. Can you reach the Nuclear Throne?
Today’s release(s):
Azure Saga: Pathfinder DELUXE Edition / $8.49 sale, $9.99 normally · Role-Playing · 1 player
Band together to search for the legendary planet that will save humanity in the DELUXE complete edition of the beautifully drawn isometric RPG world.
Far into the future, the human race survives through colonies scattered across the universe. One tale gives humanity’s remnants hope – one of the legendary planet, Azure, a world full of life and abundant resources that could bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. Join a young scientist, Synch, as he travels across the galaxy to meet new companions and find his father.
(NEOGEO) Baseball Stars 2 / $7.99 · Sports, Arcade · Up to 2 players
BASEBALL STARS 2 is a sports game released by SNK in 1992. Get the full experience with intense graphics and passionate announcers!
Time to see some exciting baseball! Use the Power-bat to send the ball flying for an amazing home run!
Lace up your cleats, and step onto the diamond with the pros of Baseball Stars 2. You’ll find everything you’d expect in a classic game of baseball, but with an arcade feel and intense action that distinguish it from the pack. Pick one of six unique teams from cities around the world, and then get ready for nine innings of excitement, whether you’re taking on the computer in a 15-game tournament or squaring off against a friend. There are two modes of game play, so even the most inexperienced player can compete at the major-league level (with a little computer-aided fielding). Watch as the game develops through split-screen views and close-up shots worthy of any highlight film, and see if you can catch the numerous over-the-top animations of the large and detailed player models. Think you have what it takes to win the pennant?
Block-a-Pix Deluxe / $7.99 · Puzzle, Strategy · 1 player
The block-filling logic puzzle where every grid has a picture hidden inside.
Reveal the picture by dividing the grid into smaller rectangular blocks to create a colorful mosaic. Each block must contain one clue number, indicating the size and color of the block to be painted.
Block-a-Pix Deluxe contains 120 puzzles, designed by Conceptis Ltd, They produce cute, detailed pictures which have been carefully hand-crafted and are guaranteed to be uniquely solvable.
  • [trailer]()
  • Switch gameplay · [more]() · [gameplay search]()
  • demo available
Grand Prix Story / $12.00 · Simulation, Sports, Arcade, Action · 1 player
Try your hand at managing an auto racing team!
Become the boss of your own team, training drivers and acquiring sponsors before conquering the Grand Prix!
Develop new vehicles and parts, and customize them any way you like! Do you have what it takes to make it to the winner's circle?
No knowledge of motorsports is required to play!
  • [trailer]()
  • [Switch gameplay]() · [more]() · [gameplay search]()
Reptilian Rebellion / $2.99 · Arcade, Action, Party · 1 player
Stop the New World Order in this challenging game!
The Reptilian Rebellion has just started.
Wait, don’t you know what reptilians are? There are thousands of these green lizard-men living amongst us, but now they have become too dangerous and want to take control of the planet.
Don’t let reptilians rule the world and send them to hell.
Reptilian Rebellion is a casual and challenging game, kill as many reptilians as you can, keeping an eye on your ammunition, and looking for powerups and friends.
Be careful with the vehicles, find the leader of the Illuminati, unlock different characters and collect bitcoins to enter the leaderboards.
Stop the New World Order!
Rogue Bit / $4.99 · Puzzle, Education, Simulation, Adventure · 1 player
explore, hack, escape
A single bit of computer memory became sentient and decided to escape from digital into the real world. Explore RAM, modify bytes and hack machine code and CPU registers to set it free.
The game is about the way computers work internally. Having some programming knowledge makes the game easier, but it isn't required. All the elements required to solve the puzzles are explained in the game.
How does it play? You play the game as a single bit of computer memory. You can invade other bytes around you and thus modify their values. The game features various types of puzzles:
  1. Explore. With ability to XOR into adjacent bytes, you can navigate your way through existing data in the memory. The game automatically marks the bytes you cannot go through without getting yourself overwritten and prevents you entering those. Both binary and ASCII views are available, which you can utilize to find an open path for a particular puzzle.
  2. Decipher programs. Various programs run on the computer you are trying to escape from. The game includes a disassembler showing you the assembly language corresponding to the machine code that is being executed. Don't worry if you don't know any Assembly. There are only a handful of CPU instructions and they are introduced gradually as you complete the puzzles. Reading the assembly code, you can track the program logic, see which parts of RAM it reads and writes to and manipulate data in those locations to get the program to do what you want.
  3. Invade CPU registers. The computer you are trying to escape has a simple CPU with a couple of registers. You can trick the CPU to load yourself into the registers and affect code execution or offload yourself into otherwise unreachable memory locations.
  4. Hack. For some puzzles, it isn't enough to change the data in RAM or registers. You can also change the machine code to get the computer to do different things.
Gameplay Tips: Carefully observe the bytes on the screen and what the CPU is doing. Sometimes you need to read the code in straightforward manner. Sometimes you need to work your way backwards: find the line of the code you want executed and then trace the code backwards to figure out how to trick the CPU to get to that instruction.
The game only has about 30 puzzles, but some of those might take considerable effort to solve. So take it easy and don't rush to the end. If you solve a puzzle by accident, don't go forward until you understand why it happened. You might miss some small detail and get completely stuck on the next puzzle.
StarDrone / $9.99 · Arcade · 1 player
StarDrone is a high-speed action thriller with a mix of arcade action, pinball, and breakout.
In StarDrone, players pilot their Drones across the galaxy, collecting pieces of Equilibrix in order to restore the equilibrium of the universe and stop the evil G-Noids from taking over. However, this journey requires much more than star-gazing, as your Drone is constantly in motion and the more stellar matter you collect, the faster it will travel until you are moving at the speed of light. Along the way, key power-ups will earn you more points that will ultimately let you compete against the world on the StarDrone scoreboards.
Super Phantom Cat: Remake / $9.99 · Platformer, Adventure, Puzzle, Action · 1 player
A retro-casual platformer game! No matter who you are, get your cat ears ready! Set off on a crazy journey to rescue your sister!
Super Phantom Cat is a "Pawsome" retro platformer, or what we like to call "Catformer," in which you explore quirky environments, clear purrrfect colorful levels, solve the mysteries shrouding the Phantom world and rescue your kidnapped little sister, Ina.
Witch & Hero / $4.99 · Action, Adventure · Up to 2 players
Witch & Hero is an 8-bit style action game that can be played by anyone!
You play as a Hero accompanied by a Witch and you are seeking revenge, and justice, over the evil Medusa. Medusa turned the Witch into stone, so she is no longer able to move; it’s up to the Hero to defeat the monsters and collect their blood in order to recover the Witch for a limited period of time.
The Hero leads the fight but can revive the Witch to unleash her destructive powers; as the waves of enemies become stronger they will need to work together! In this Nintendo Switch version you also have the option of co-operative play to take on the challenge with a friend.
Witch & Hero has also been enhanced for Nintendo Switch, while retaining its original 8-bit pixel graphics and sound.
We hope you will enjoy the challenge!
Did you buy anything? How did it run? What are your first impressions? Does it seem worth it?
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Bitcoin to $42,000 in 2019? Is The Fear Index Flashing a Buy Signal? Billionaire Dan Pena's Ultimate Advice for Students ... BEST WHOLESOME MEMES V36 - YouTube Donating $100,000 To Shroud In Real Life - YouTube Your Whole Wallet In One Card - YouTube

Circle, Coinbase, and Localbitcoins are easiest and most convenient way to buy bitcoins in the U.S., if that is what you are really looking for. There are no brokers in Bitcoin (unless you consider Coinbase and Circle to be brokers). Individuals can trade directly on exchanges. However, because of U.S. regulations, access to exchanges is limited. High-quality, hand-picked & up-to-date directory for bitcoin related websites. Bitcoin Core is the backbone of the Bitcoin network. Almost all Bitcoin wallets rely on Bitcoin Core in one way or another. If you have a fairly powerful computer that is almost always online, you can help the network by running Bitcoin Core. You can also use Bitcoin Core as a very secure Bitcoin wallet. Circle is the best platform to run an internet business using new standards for money powered by USD Coin (USDC) — the fastest growing regulated stablecoin. for Businesses. Grow your business. Run your business on USDC for a more global, scalable, and efficient alternative to traditional banking rails with a Circle Business Account. Learn More . Already have an account? Sign in developers ... Bitcoin USD price, real-time (live) charts, bitcoin news and videos. Learn about BTC value, bitcoin cryptocurrency, crypto trading, and more.

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Bitcoin to $42,000 in 2019? Is The Fear Index Flashing a Buy Signal?

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