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Hoard Invest in the Clash of Titans

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Hello everybody! My name is Mickey, also known as Tezkatlypoka from Reddit, and I would like to show you my own gathered information about a great project which will have its own *ICO** very soon, the Hoard Invest. Hoard, the One and Only project setting you up to be your own bank!


Web page White Paper Team
The name of this little post is “Clash of Titans” and that's simply because we will have two big players in the field of cryptocurrency banking, where each of these two giants will trying to demonstrate their vision and make you be able to use your Crypto in a daily life.
One of these two Ambassadors of crypto banking will be definitively ETHOS. ETHOS was the very first project where I have been convinced that their goal is to improve whole paying system and basically to build one. Their ICO was very successful, they obtain decent support from the medial world, their community is strong and the main fact is, their team is awesome.
They have one young genius named Shingo Lavigne as a CEO and great strategies and visionary Mr. Stephen Corliss who has got a lot of experiences and connections to grant the opened door leading up to the institutional sphere for Ethos. Who was in ICO, made a decent amount of money. Everybody thought that has to be a true champion without any possible competition.
When I heard about the Hoard for the first time, it was like when you get struck by the lightning. And hit by a truck right after! I immediately download their WP right to my phone and started to read it. I have to read it twice (you know, good stuff...well written, but lightning...truck...these can mess up your day completely). I have known right from a spot that I was reading about a true gem. I get Inspired. I wanted to know more and the baseline which started all of this was: They are like Ethos but slightly better!
There is a man in Hoard Invest who is very good at making things done. His name is Jason Davis and he is a new Rockstar in the cryptocurrency Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He will bring a whole new concept to the world of the banking industry. He will create a special kind of bank without a possibility to provide loans. Hoard will partner with some banks to provide a real bank account with all the basic stuff in a little while.
Mr. JD has a tremendous experience in banking systems and also in application design and development. He has learned what struggles a new customer has to overcome and that's because he was a new customer once too. He is able to assemble those two things together and create ripper breakthrough product. The last piece of this puzzle is Mr. Dan Lipert, an expert who can code everything Don't get confused! This "ZZ Top look" guy has got very high expertise rating in coding stuff and if He looks like Jazzy Hipster, his ability to write a code is like when you are watching Eddie Van Halen play his Eruption solo. The movie Hacker with Hugh Jackman has been written by his CV btw and since he was working for the government of US as an IT expert, he has to know the drill. The team like this has a decent power to attract and create powerful alliances.
I choose to write about Hoard Invest because everything about it makes sense to me. This is where crypto needs to go for adopting. Only with projects like Hoard will the world start to take cryptocurrencies seriously.
The world will start taking crypto seriously if there will be a real use for that...like “Let's use it as a money”! (JD)
 Someone sings to Shingo drone, Someone hails from Jayson’s throne. 

The Hoard ecosystem

Let me tell you about another ecosystem which will make a huge impact on the future world, let me tell you about the possibility to be your very own bank, let me tell you about a team which is good as a hack and about their application modern design of which is fucking sick!
The Hoard is an ecosystem build on very good foundations. In this ecosystem, you will be using the hybrid multifunctional wallet where you can store all your coins and if this is not a game changer for you right now maybe I will change your opinion by adding another game-changing and astonishing tool, the Fiat gateway. That's right!
Unless you are not one of the most demanding readers and you are already convinced to buy their stuff, here you have a link https://www.hoardinvest.com/token/ and take care, but if you like it in more hardcore motion like I do, let's continue with some special perks list reading, shall we? :)
By implementing FIAT gateway they successfully put away any need for logging into an exchange. So you don't have to buy BTC or ETH (and pay the fee) for your EUUSD, then send them on Binance/Bitrex (and pay the fee), purchase a Litecoin (for a fee) and then make a final payment with some fee (well fu*ck me, that's a lot of fees). We got to used to it.
Another ripper they can provide you with is the system of Instant payments. You just click on the button “spend” and sell whatever coin you have at the moment and you will instantly get a value in dollars which you can use for your morning coffee purchase. That is really important because you can pay for whatever you just have right now. What suit your needs better. If you have only Neo and you want to pay with Neo, but your shop receives only Litecoin and Bitcoin, you have to go on the exchange and consolidate it, make a transaction, do a market, spend some time, pay the fees. Not anymore with Hoard. Another thing is they want to create 1:1 peer to peer relationship in transactions (you send One BTC, the guy will receive one whole BTC, not 0,98). So we have an Ethos on steroids here but what is their vision? I think the basic idea is to make a highway for completely new users in the sphere of the crypto world and clear a path for them completely; no obstacles if possible. You are also a Master of your private keys and passwords. Hoard can hold them for you if you like (in a way of provided service/support as encrypted backup).
You can be your own bank. Hoard is not a bank in the classical way of thinking. The mission isn't to work for as many banks as possible but make the banks want to work with HOARD.
Using Hoard means = Technology+security+support and almost Zero fees
You can also Invest your crypto profits right from the App and then forget about it for a while and let your money grow. This is first very first ICO available in the US and bears witness to this historical moment, when 3-8 % of world economic lays peacefully in the arm of cryptocurrencies and do this all from your smart device, with a help of the elegant and well-written application.
 Someone in hoard with shiny might, Someone is alone, in the endless night. 

What can Hoard offer to you

1) Cross-chain transactions and inter-exchange price matching 2) Instant transactions with Masternodes and minable transactions for scalability 3) Dapps on the Smaug network and possible ICO hosting. Airdrops to token holders each ICO 4) Public or Private transactions 5) The decentralized exchange where you always control your private key never the exchange 6) Fiat Gateway with the first fully compliant US-based ICO 7) Multi-currency wallet where Hoard never holds your private keys 8) Merchant services — send and receive payments in any currency including fiat regardless of initial currency type 9) Low transaction and other fees. Fees will be very low and allow you to do microtransactions for zero or almost zero fees 10) Sidechain for instant low fee transactions (think the lightning network and plasma) with multiple layered blockchain 11) Portfolio tracking 12) INV Fintech partnering 13) Self-auditing process via Oracles 14) Two possible levels of KYC authentication 15) You have all needed tools to be your Own bank 16) Strong community
 Someone tried to get that throne, He shall be doomed with crown of thorns. 

Summary and Technical shortcut for advanced readers

  • The basic idea is to make a highway for an experienced user and clear a path for him, no obstacles if possible
  • You are the master of your keys and passwords, Hoard can hold them for you if you like in a way of provided service/support (encrypted backup)
  • Direct communication with banks; the idea is banks should want to work with HOARD
  • Their contribution to blockchain is a second layer payment protocol (Raiden; it is off-Chain; it is cross-chain capable)
  • They want to create 1:1 peer to peer relationship in transactions (you send One NEO, the guy will receive ONE whole NEO)
  • HOARD = Technology+security+support
  • HOARD is not a classic "bank"
  • The world will start taking crypto seriously if there will be a real use for that...like for money!
  • Important thing is that you can pay for whatever you have. If you have the only NEO and you want to pay with NEO, but your shop receives only Litecoin and Bitcoin, you have to go on the exchange and consolidate it, make a transaction, do a market, spend some time, pay fees.
  • Hoard has got an instant payment system, so you click button spend and sell whatever the fuck you have and you will have dollars
  • If you try to screw our network, they will take your value(basically PoS for exchanges)
  • By running Master node you can store your keys on our own system when doing trading with our platform; never keep your keys on an exchange.
  • They will have well know customers and unknown customers (true decentralization)
  • So it is basically a side chain with PoS in OAR
  • MM, Oracle(transparent auditing system), low fees, micro/instant transaction, support -> you want this
  • The Hoard is an ecosystem
  • Banks are in use of the BlockChain for 6 years already
  • Providing a trusted and secure bridge between the fiat money and cryptocurrency environments -FINRA/MSB regulated and KYC/AML compliant
  • 2nd-layer cross-chain payments protocol for everyday use, serving as a valuable utility reinforced by our native currency from day one
  • OAR can be used to accelerate the conversion of fiat-to-crypto when buying cryptocurrency and crypto-to-fiat when cashing out or as a daily settlement mechanism for merchants. OAR enables holders to atomically transact - spend using (X) or (X + Y) currency while the recipient receives (Z) currency, instantly
  • OAR is ERC20 token running on Ethereum platform. They will migrate to their own chain in the future
  • They are opposite of Ripple
  • Oracle It is a software for auditing. Oracle sees everything, it knows what everyone has in their wallets on the platform. They will monitor the blockchain and collect data and use that data to react...its kinda like AI. Setting a current value of the crypto you are hoarding. Will be open-source in the future.
  • MasterNodes The master nodes have not yet been finalized. Master nodes are things you can run on your own by holding tokens, stabilizing the token value and help the Hoard to run transaction easily. By running a master node you provide a help with building decentralization.
  • Smaug protocol Instant trustless payments across any currency or smart contract based blockchain. Instantly and automatically swap holdings at transaction versus manual coin consolidation. Decouple reliance on any specific chain, foundation or exchange.

Decision making

Now, let's get back to our comparison. Mr. Corliss opens up the institutional side for ethos. He has deep connections from his time with BlackRock and knows how to give confidence and legitimacy to the ethos project. Having top talent like him attracts other top talents to join too. Shingo had a good idea. He cocked the rest of it up. Ideas like prediction or betting... then who knows what. They can still make it a good platform in the long run.
Mr. JD on the other hand, is so Fair dinkum and True blue developeprogrammebusinessman/dealmakeblockchain-evangelist/ and a great entrepreneur, because he understands the day to day problems in our own personal financial dealings and management systems, having a vast knowledge of blockchain technology he has come up with the solution we have all been waiting for. He is a solid unit. He made a tool to let us be our own bank and be less reliant on corporations who love to take your hard earned money and fee you to the death. If Roger Ver is Jesus of Bitcoin Cash, then JD is Chuck Norris of banking systems in the cryptocurrency world.
Ethos vs. Hoard. When it comes down to it, show that Ethos is offering two things. A fiat gateway for cryptocurrency investing and crowd sentiment for investing..(with Binance offering USD pairing soon ETHOS needs to step its game up). Hoard will be a fiat gateway with a minimal to no fee exchange and its base, with a network for instant transactions of any coins and also the ability to make any transaction private. Think what lightning network was for bitcoin but quicker and for any currency. Along with AI investing, spare change investing. The last thing is the fact you hold your own private key (at ETHOS you don't).
So my advice is: Do not sell your ETHOS for HOARD even thought that I am very bullish in the HOARD case. It’s not always about the best technology remember, but don't hesitate with HOARD very long.
But need to say they are both very decent projects. I like Hoard more and that's all. Remember that without a strong competition they would not be a true winner and how could we recognize a great gem if there isn't anything similarly good for comparison?
I am using a reference to my good buddy EvilMonkey. He is an awesome writer and he did a great review about Hoard a few days ago. You can read his article here: https://medium.com/@ICOProReivews/hoard-invest-ico-review-52f18c3227d6

Epilogue and acknowledgment

Ok my friends, regular people, fans of crypto, early adopters and decent readers, you have made it again.
This is the end of this sorry and I frankly thank all of you for your kind attention and wish you all have a great day (...or a bad day, depends on your level of self-sadomasochism, haha).
For me is the Hoard Invest the winner of this Clash of Titans and We my friend will meet again in Jason Davis interview, which will be pretty awesome.
 Future will show, who will bow, Who shall be victorious in Titan's brawl. 
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