Bernard Lietaer Belgian engineer and economist dead at age 76

Bernard Lietaer Talks About Money & Sustainability ... Bernard Lietaer on the definition of money Aparté avec Bernard Lietaer sur les économies complémentaires Bernard Lietaer - Why money needs to change now! Bernard Lietaer: Complementary Currency - YouTube

Bancor Protocol Foundation Adds Author and Euro Designer Bernard Lietaer as Chief Monetary Architect– June 10, 2017 […] [...] Before Bitcoin was created, Bernard was a leading thinker in the field of community and complementary currencies. Professor Lietaer authored more than 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals and more than a dozen books on monetary innovation, including The Future of Money, Creating Wealth, People Money and Money and Sustainability. Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs – Bernard Lietaer Bernard Lietaer was a great thinker with an unusual bright intellect, enriching the lives of so many people. For us he stands in the line of economist like S. Gesell, J.M. Keynes or N. Georgescu-Roegen. Isaac Newton is quoted saying that we are all standing on the shoulders of giants and hence can look further into the future. On the 7th of February Bernard would have celebrated his 77th ... View latest articles, news and information about what happened to Bernard Lietaer, Belgian engineer and economist, that died on Monday February 4th 2019at age 76

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Bernard Lietaer Talks About Money & Sustainability ...

Professor Lietaer is one of the architects of the euro. A detailled biography of him can be found here: Bernard Lietaer on monetary ecosystems, Ecuador, Greece and bitcoin - Duration: 30:43. 3,692 views. 30:43. Les élections - et après, chaos ou changement ? ... Nos multi-solutions ... Bernard Lietaer prepared a report for the Club of Rome on the link between our monetary system and the unsustainable trends in the world - this is a summary ... Bernard Lietaer is an expert on monetary systems. He has been Professor of International Finance at the University of Louvain in Belgium, financial advisor to several Latin American governments ... The current monopoly of conventional money is a main source for unsustainable behaviors. New currency designs – among which crypto-currencies, but not only c...