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Milton Friedman & Bitcoin/Silkroad

Not certain if this is the right sub (otherwise maybe point me in the right direction) but.... I'm interested to know if anyone has used Friedman's arguments for the legalization of drugs together with the Silkroad and/or other online platforms used to purchase drugs with the use of Bitcoin as evidence that mass drug legalization would not harm society, but benefit it as a whole.
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New episode of The Good Wife on right now talking about bitcoins, silkroad and tor

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bitcoin,silkroad,hells angels murder for hirer link

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Moab Bit: Brothers talking about Bitcoin, Silkroad and... Rappers (check it out it's really cool)

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[2012-06-30] Just a reminder: This is NOT /r/Bitcoin. [SilkRoad]

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Moab Bit: Brothers talking about Bitcoin, Silkroad and... Rappers (check it out it's really cool)

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Those silkroad Dark web criminals did a very smart decision by accepting Bitcoin as method of payment. I wonder how many of them have become bilionaire in 2017?

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Those silkroad Dark web criminals did a very smart decision by accepting Bitcoin as method of payment. I wonder how many of them have become bilionaire in 2017? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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adams1122, batsman123, bradhoggs, Elvinselili1122, NewWatermelonlesson, r/ICOTOKEN:
/ICOTOKEN - batsman123's sub.
The sidebar is interesting. It begins with a valid sentence, continues with keyword salad and ends in a link:
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The Pepperoni Road

It's an exciting time for bitcoin - the little currency that could. The critics have been countered. The skeptics are warming. The believers are swelling, and the earliest adopters are profiting. There are profits ready to be taken - to lock in gains. But not every "winner" is eager to formally declare these profits by cashing out at KYC/AML gox. A large fraction of them may be willing to lock in those gains by:
In other words, now that we may have more bitcoins burning holes in the pockets of more bitcoiners than ever, we may see more demand for ways to spend these coins directly. Anyone who's turned a hefty profit holding btc, who's nervous that this recent run-up is a little bubbly, may welcome ways to:
Honestly, I was intrigued with the pizza approach. It seems like low-hanging fruit. Granted it's clunky, but it's a wide-open market, and sets the stage for copy-cats in other markets.
Where am I headed with all this?
I'm thinking aloud. What about grey-market websites - even one in the same vein as silkroad, but without all the sinister darkness? Grey markets don't offend as many people, and could potentially strengthen support for bitcoin. Silkroad-like sites might work where a cookie-cutter pizza-for-coins model doesn't. BTW: I just remembered about BitWasp:
Shipping high-value and value-dense items helps defray the costs of shipping. What other items fit these models?
TL;DR Brainstorming. I like the idea of 1) the pizza-for-coins model 2) silkroad model for grey markets
What do you think?
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I think bitcoins are immoral. CMV

I think bitcoins are immoral because their use undermines existing currencies and governments. It seems like widespread adoption of bitcoins would cause governments to collapse.
Mining bitcoins allows some people to make money without producing any tangible goods. Its just producing arbitrary codes that can be spent or exchanged for money. People are changing real money for these arbitrary codes and are being taken advantage of.
There seems to be a lot of crime surrounding the use of bitcoins (silkroad) as well. The rapid growth of bitcoins is partially due to its anonymity and use in nefarious purchases (drugs etc).
I think bitcoins are immoral CMV
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Mixing bitcoin? Is it safe to deposit now?

I'm using bitcoin blender to mix my bitcoin. SilkRoad gives me multiple addresses to choose from....should I just send all of my bitcoin to one of the addresses? A lot of people said they had problems when they divide up the bitcoin deposit with each address. Also, is it safe to deposit now? Cause I remember that wasn't the case the past few days.
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After PRISM: Beefing up security and dispelling some misinformation - guide and AMA by fellow ent

I don't know if you are interested and I know this is a lot of fu%&#ng information, but I really think you need it. I've seen a lot of disinformation about technology here, and guess not all of you think about all the consequences of your digital actions.
Be alarmed. Although marijuana is getting more acceptance are most of you still doing something illegal. With high certainty have your activity been monitored and logged. How, when and if that will ever be used against you is unknown.
Now relax, because what goes on here is not what the bad guys (NSA et co.) are after. But I still think you should keep the following information under consideration. As it applies to the rest of your digital life as well.


HTTP is bad. It sends all information in the open, available for anyone on the way to listen to. (And tamper with.) The NSA don't even have to lift a finger.
HTTPS is better. It makes sure your information is only available to the service you have put your trust in. But we know how that can go...
Tor is better. It makes sure your physical identity (i.e. your IP address) is unknown. However without HTTPS is your information still available to everyone.
Tor and HTTPS is best. Now no one knows where you are, and only the services you trust get your information.
tl;dr: See EFF's visualization on HTTPS and Tor.


To put it very bluntly: You cannot ever fully trust any central authority. This is any service that requires you to send information through their servers. Like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, your ISP, your bank, even Reddit and the SilkRoad. Basically almost every website and application.
You give them information, they keep it. If they ever lose it, give it away or misuse it, is your security put at risk. Some of these have already proven they are unworthy of that trust.
tl;dr: Don't use them for anything you don't consider public information. If you do, use HTTPS, Tor and a pseudonym.


Bitcoin is fun! If you get interested in it you'll see why this is the turn of a new era! The fuel for the coming revolution.
Bitcoin is a digital currency. It's security is in it's decentralization, that makes it so no single entity have authority. Which means no one can control anyone else's coins.
You can use it to purchase weed (and other drugs), computer games and bundles, cars, porn, electronics, lasers and a whole lot of other stuff. It has just started, and more and more merchants are starting to use it every day.
Bitcoin is also a deflationary currency, and only 21 million will ever be generated. This means that as time goes by will the value of each Bitcoin rise, and an economy built on it will be prone to corrupt governments and greed. (Well, to some extent at least.)
Be warned: Bitcoin is not, contrary to popular belief anonymous. All transactions are visible to everyone, so be careful which addresses you share with whom. It is however pseudonymous, and if used correctly leaves no traces of your identity when you don't want.
tl;dr: Get involved! Buy half a coin or something. (1 BTC is about $100 now.) You can even get them for cash! Use them or store them, do whatever. It really is the next big thing. Like since the Internet. There is /Bitcoin.


The SilkRoad is also fun. It's a happy place where you can satisfy most of your recreational desires as well as some minor black market stuff.
You'll find forgeries (e.g. fake drivers licens), pirated software, sketchy electronics (money counter, scales, bugs), drug paraphernalia and a lot more. Even legal stuff. But nothing intended to hurt anyone else.
I have personally bough trees and misc from SilkRoad, and gotten it safely delivered. It is a rush, all the way from buying the bitcoins, doing the research and picking the vendor, waiting and then receiving. Really good product for a really good price. I'll do it again. Then again..
If you have the guts, check it out! It is relatively safe, as long as you do your research. Pick one of the top sellers, and a small amount the first time. Maybe something special you can't easily get around home, like a concentrate or a new strain of weed.
Most vendors do a good job hiding the contents of the package, but should it be intercepted is there safety in plausible deniability. Just repeat after me: "No. I have no knowledge of the package you are talking about." Unless law enforcement sent it will they not have sufficient evidence for a case.
Be warned: You are purchasing drugs on the Internet, expecting delivery on your door. Have no illusions about this. Consider the circumstances. Be safe.
tl;dr: Fun! Fun! Somewhat cheap. Somewhat safe. Somewhat dangerous. Make up your own mind. Poke around at /SilkRoad and the site itself.
Also, there is Atlantis (/Atlantis). It has better interface, more features and lower fees, but has a little less activity. The security should be equal. Mentioned for the sake of healthy competition!

Other mentions

Snapchat: You should know better than to believe this is security.
Consider SMS and most texting applications equally good at security; not at all.
Same goes for Skype and cell phone talking.
Don't give Facebook any more of your personal information. Or any other service for that matter..
Images often have location information stored in them. Remove EXIF information from sensitive images.
Look at for alternatives to popular services you shouldn't use.

I'm sorry

I had no idea my high mind would be this detailed. I hope some of you learn something.
Please ask me any questions you might have.
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Was Silk Road the "tipping point" for Bitcoin?

I'm reading the book "Tipping Point" and it made me think about this concept in relation to Bitcoin. Silkroad gave Bitcoin an immediate sense of actual value (that couldn't be attained with fiat). Would bitcoin be where it is today without Silk Road?
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Bitcoin prijs nog steeds bearish volgens Silkroad oprichter

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SilkRoad wallet with $1 Bn in Bitcoin on the move

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10M Wallets created, Updates on, Opinion on SilkRoad and DNM's support by - Official Channel

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Investigating the $1B Bitcoins on the move from a SilkRoad related wallet

Investigating the $1B Bitcoins on the move from a SilkRoad related wallet
2 days ago, I reported that a SilkRoad related wallet containing about $1B worth of Bitcoins (111,114 $BTC and the same amount of $BCH and of other Bitcoin forks) was on the move after 4 years and 5 months of inactivity :

Today, I will dig a little bit more into this wallet activity.

Below you will find a graph representation of the transactions sent over time from the original 111,114-BTC wallet to the most recent wallets which have received some of the coins. Each branch represent a sequence of transactions sent through several wallets.

Red nodes indicate the most recent transactions (< 1 month), blue nodes indicate quite recent ones (<1 year) and green nodes are the older ones ( > 1 year).

  • Picture 2: original coins are currently transferred on Binance wallet, in fact it is a major end-point/aggregate of transactions originated from the 111,114-BTC wallet (1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s).

  • Picture 4: funds are currently actively mixed, you can see a chain of red nodes with no other purpose than transferring n time the coins and splitting/mixing it a bit (3Ah15skNb8R1teRWs6h2Q2vRywkLJWUhhb).​

So it's now obvious that the wallet's owner :
  1. is very actively splitting his original 111,114 BTC this past month (a lot of transactions are very recent, see the amount of red nodes on the graph);
  2. some of this funds are currently being sold on Binance (picture 2 and 3);
  3. is very actively in the process of mixing, hiding and making difficult to track his coins (picture 4).
Is the owner going to sell all his coins? How do you think this can impact the market?

Update 1
Following the request of u/btc-reddit, below you will find the graph that marks with red dots the wallets which have been active in the past 24h. At least 88 BTC have been transferred in the last 24h to Binance wallet: 18afibtW5NLMqMwCZD6yt1qhkmEbrfa3QF , 1M2stLGnZGi9XhB2sqTwFfcSfxZhzYKHs6 , 15jFKpCBfHN599TopLPQYdv2aNCRZSUw2r , 1F1EWmLJtYUA1yvDGRBQ6Z6Zjp33ci9EZX , 1M2stLGnZGi9XhB2sqTwFfcSfxZhzYKHs6 ...

​Furthermore, more than 2,980 BTC have been transferred to Binance wallet in August 2018, certainly to be sold or exchanged with other currencies, which represents 3% of the original wallet.
That's more than $20M worth of bitcoin at current price, it definitely can have impacted the overall price this month.
Most of it was sold after August 12th, which corresponds to the start of an increase in Bitcoin price interestingly:

Update 2
​This address is also heavily involved in this graph: 1NyfNYAXZ76VNdvxUUVxdbhWFQGa7QDjTn. It saw 73,673 BTC go through it (only 350 BTC originated from the wallet we are studying here though), in a little bit more than a year.

Update 3
This address 3D83uPnvodCLpwedooiRrLjdQ9pcFVZF32 is part of the graph and is multiplexing a lot of coins, about 175 BTC in small chunks < 1 BTC.​

Update 4
This is a more refined and complete version of the graph (the yellow nodes indicate transactions activity < 1 month). I let you find where is Binance wallet located ;-)
Obvious, isn't it!

Update 5
$110M worth of Bitcoins ​transferred Bitfinex and Binance:

Update 6
$1B bitcoins on the move: MtGox vs SilkRoad origin and BTC crash discussed
MtGox vs SilkRoad origin and September 6th BTC price impact is now discussed here:
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SilkRoad was the first darknet market, but now there’s more than ever before! by - Official Channel

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$1B bitcoins on the move: MtGox vs SilkRoad origin and BTC price impact discussed

$1B bitcoins on the move: MtGox vs SilkRoad origin and BTC price impact discussed
Preamble: it seems that my post was censored and removed on bitcoin... from now I will only publish my articles on btc and crosspost it. Freedom and freespeech matter to me.

This is the 4th post of a series of articles dedicated to investigate $1B worth of bitcoins (111,114 BTC/BCH/... BXX) that were dormant since 2014 and started moving actively. The BTC coins were originally located at this address (1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a).
  • The facts that part of this funds (>13%) have been transferred in the past month to Bitfinex, Binance and Bitmex exchanges is discussed here.
  • The origin of the bitcoins was originally discussed here.
  • A deep-dive into the wallet activity was discussed here.

Today I am writing a short update to discuss the origin of the funds and some events that could be related both to this wallet and yesterday's price crash.

Wallet's origin

This question has been discussed a lot by the crypto community in the past year.
Here is a summary of the most probable hypothesis for the 1933p wallet's origin:
  1. a SilkRoad user or DPRs wallet per this post:
  2. a MtGox cold wallet that has been seized or is still owned by MtGox: in fact the wallet funds moved in March 2014 right after MtGox filed for bankruptcy one month earlier in February 2014; these movements dates are really similar to the 200,000 lost coins "found" by Karpeles which moved March 7th, 2014 (1dda0f8827518ce4d1d824bf7600f75ec7e199774a090a947c58a65ab63552e3), just 2 days before the movements on the wallet we are talking about here.
  3. a whale wallet since the major part of the 111,111 coins are coming from a very old deposit of 37,421 coins processed on June 21st, 2011 making this an early adopter's wallet (70d46f768b73e50440e41977eb13ab25826137a8d34486958c7d55c5931c6081)

Wizsec, a prominent Bitcoin security expert, seems to be pretty sure that the wallet belongs to a MtGox hodler and early investor, who is not a DPR or a SilkRoad user, per his Twitter post:
Finally, Wizsec and I agree that this wallet is not CSW`'s wallet despite it is mentioned in several court documents. Wizsec spent a lot of time debunking CSW's ownership claims earlier this year:

What do you think about this wallet origin?
BTC price crash

Also, I wanted to report some events that could be related to this 1933p wallet activity:

  • $100M USDT were transferred (reported by u/whalecheetah) while the 1933f wallet owner was in the process of transferring approximately the same amount to several exchanges.
(update) Here is a link provided by u/jesquit:
  • 10,000 BTC buy order was filed last night on Bitmex with 8,030 BTC transferred from a Bitfinex user wallet while the 1933p wallet owner transferred approximately the same amount of BTC to Bitfinex since August, 24th.
(update) Here is the actual BTC transaction: ,
with its Bitfinex inputs:
1Kr6QSydW9bFQG1mXiPNNu6WpJGmUa9i1g (3,000)
1Kr6QSydW9bFQG1mXiPNNu6WpJGmUa9i1g (2,000)
1Kr6QSydW9bFQG1mXiPNNu6WpJGmUa9i1g (2,000)
1Kr6QSydW9bFQG1mXiPNNu6WpJGmUa9i1g (1,029.98)
and output to Bitmex:
3BMEXqGpG4FxBA1KWhRFufXfSTRgzfDBhJ (10,000).

Was this deal prepared or was the buyer a bitcoin angel?

In the light of September 6th price crash, do you think the $100M transferred to the exchanges caused it?
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Heroin dealer and addict for 7 years. Used to buy heroin for distribution on silkroad. Spent 5 years in prison and got out clean and sober, used the bitcoins I had in my old wallet to buy this monster house. #blessed

Heroin dealer and addict for 7 years. Used to buy heroin for distribution on silkroad. Spent 5 years in prison and got out clean and sober, used the bitcoins I had in my old wallet to buy this monster house. #blessed submitted by MunkMunkATL to happy [link] [comments]

Ross Ulbricht, Silkroad Founder Makes Bitcoin Prediction

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Silk Road Shut Down and FBI Bitcoin Bust - YouTube SilkRoad 2 Hacked! All Bitcoins stolen #HNN14 Silkroad & Bitcoin - All PR is good PR  Silicon Real The Untold Story Of Bitcoin & The Silk Road Drogenkrieg im Darknet  Blockchain, Bitcoin und Silkroad  Breaking Lab

Silkroad, największy czarny market Internetu został zamknięty przez służby federalne USA. Założyciel William Ulbricht został aresztowany i oskarżony o przemyt narkotyków. Silkroad działał w sieci TOR a wszystkie płatności dokonywane były za pomocą bitcoinów. Szacuje się, że aż 10% ruchu w sieci bitcoina generowane było ... He is currently on trial for further counts of money laundering through BTC-e, a bitcoin exchange that was recently shut down by the FBI during the investigation into the Mt Gox hacking. Following Ross Ulbricht’s arrest in October 2013, Silk Road 2.0 was temporarily re-opened by administrators of the original site. Silk Road 2.0 survived for about a year until it too was shut down and the ... Bitcoin Gold 24h $ 7.86-0.88%. Bitcoin Gold 24h $ 7.86-0.069765-0.88%. Tether 24h $ 0.999768-0.06%. Tether 24h $ 0.999768-0.000576-0.06%. USD Coin 24h $ 0.998676-0.08%. USD Coin 24h $ 0.998676-0 ... In Erinnerung an die ursprüngliche dunkle Markt. 7,5 x 7,5 Druck, perforiert, 900 1/4 Quadrate. Auf HQ 300gsm perforiert Löschpapier mit Essen Grade Tinte gedruckt. WELTWEITER VERSAND Dieser Kladde ist nur für Kunst, bitte halten Sie es auf diese Weise. Diese enthält keine Drogen und soll nicht. Bitcoin und Bitcoin Cash im Wert von fast 800 Millionen Dollar wurden aus den Wallets entfernt, die mit dem nicht mehr existierenden “Schwarzmarkt” der Silk Road verbunden sind und mit dem Silk Road Besitzer Ross “Dread Pirate Roberts” Ulbricht verbunden sind, was auf einen möglichen großen Bitcoin-Marktplatz hindeutet.

[index] [1207] [16988] [22822] [28988] [7055] [13477] [20966] [5302] [27359] [49162]

Silk Road Shut Down and FBI Bitcoin Bust - YouTube

Our Bitcoin discussion topics includes the Bitcoin protocol of the block chain, the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, ramifications of the Silk Road on Bitcoin price, Dogecoin, Litecoin, the Dark ... Silk Road- the eBay for illegal things and more - has been shut down by the feds and the FBI is accused of taking millions of dollars in Bitcoins from site u... SilkRoad 2 Hacked! All Bitcoins stolen #HNN14. Hacker News Nation. Loading... Unsubscribe from Hacker News Nation? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1.38K. Loading ... Es geht um Auftragsmorde, Drogenbosse, den Darknet-Marketplace Silkroad und korrupte FBI-Agenten! Aber es geht auch um Blockchain, eine Technologie, die schon bald unserer Zusammenleben ... The Deep Web, the Darknet and Bitcoin - Duration: 46:18. MarkMonitor 5,644 views. 46:18 "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis - Duration: 1:01:30. ...