An Interview With Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin in Space

We are Jeff Garzik and Jeff Dionne, and we are tech experts in the blockchain and semiconductor industries and we are working on an open hardware platform for direct satellite-to-devices communication. Ask Us Anything!

Hi Everyone, we are Jeff Garzik and Jeff Dionne.
Jeff Garzik is the CTO of SpaceChain Foundation and CEO of Bloq. He is known for being the key Bitcoin core developer who worked under Satoshi Nakamoto for two years. His work can be found in every bitcoin and miner.
Jeff Dionne is the CEO of Core Semiconductor. He is known for uClinux, from which most embedded Linux systems are derived, and developing many other game-changing embedded systems hardware and software technologies.
Jeff Dionne and I have always been passionate about pushing the boundaries of space and blockchain applications; a few of the past projects we have worked on are Linux kernel and Bitcoin Core. We’ll love to share with you our experiences being in our respective industries, such as the formation of the open source industry, open hardware, fabless semiconductor development, nano-satellites, cryptocurrency, and more.
We'd also love to discuss our development for our latest project – an open-source hardware platform that is capable of providing a downlink to mobile phones and small devices directly from satellites in orbit – all without the use of a satellite dish on Earth or a third-party network.
Ask us questions about anything: blockchain, semiconductors and open-source hardware!
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In April, bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik revealed plans to launch a small, orbiting satellite acting as a blockchain node. The fittingly dubbed “BitSat” would act as a one-to-many connection, helping to protect the bitcoin network from a variety of possible peer-to-peer attacks and network outages. Thanks to advances in launch and satellite technology, each orbiting … Jeff now works as a bitcoin core developer and open source evangelist at BitPay. Jeff is also the CEO of Dunvegan Space Systems and Sleepy Dragon Properties, both one-man micro-businesses. Dunvegan Space Systems is the manager of the BitSat project. The post An Interview With Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin in Space appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine. Jeff Garzik, former bitcoin core developer, has joined an exciting new venture in the field of space exploration and technology aiming to bring blockchain into space. SpaceChain's mission is to create open-source practices and technologies that can optimize space travel and research as well as develop a platform to enable the creation of new space-based businesses. Jeff Garzik is the CTO of SpaceChain Foundation. He is known for being the key Bitcoin core developer who worked under Satoshi Nakamoto for two years. His work can be found in every bitcoin and… Jeff Garzik: I'm Co-Founder and CEO of Bloq with my business partner and crypto billionaire Matthew Roszak and I started in late 2015. I have always been a computer nerd and science fiction aficionado and have always, from when I was a little boy, thought about outer space—what it's like to live in space, what it would take to get to space. My father was a fighter pilot in Vietnam and after ...

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Bitcoin 2014's Bitcoin Technology: Present and Future's Panel: The Wish List took place on Friday, May 16, 2014 at the Movenpick Hotel - Zurich 2 from 3:30pm-4:30pm. The development of Bitcoin ... Bitcoin’s greatest legacy is going to be a catalyst. Jeff Garzik is a futurist, entrepreneur and software engineer. Jeff founded and runs Dunvegan Space Systems. Jeff serves on the board of Coin ... Hear quotes from Strategic Coin's exclusive management interview with Cryptocurrency Revolutionary Jeff Garzik. Full Article: TL;DR: After Satoshi Nakamoto and Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik was the most prolific coder to Bitcoin Core in its early years. In fact, from Android phones to mining software, Garzik’s work is ... Last month, we asked the community to send in their questions regarding the SpaceChain project. Co-founders Zee Zheng and Jeff Garzik took some time while at the Token Summit in New York to answer ...